Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's your happy weight?

Day 6 Week 3

Hello fellow bloggers,
The other day one of my friends posted on the Canadian WW site that she had done the happy weight questionnaire in Self magazine and that the results from that were pretty different than her WW goal. Well last night I did the quiz. According to Self my happy weight is 137 pounds. Weight Watchers has a range depending on things like age. The self quiz based it on height. My WW goal is 140, that's so I can stop paying. I have no idea what a personal goal will be until I get there.

I have to remember to bring my camera to cake decorating class tonight so you can all see what I spend so much time talking about. I baked the cake last night and waited until it was cool enough to frost. I was tired and a wee cranky so can't say I was enjoying the process of icing. Then I remembered we're doing a basket weave on the side and covering the top so it didn't need to be perfect...whew! I am looking forward to putting the thing together tonight.

My to do list for the weekend keeps growing with mundane things. I can't wait to workout. I'm guzzling water like a fish. That is officially all the news I have today.

Until tomorrow,


Diane Mandy said...

My happy weight is one i don't have to think about!

Fatinah said...

ha - I agree with Diane! Meanwhile, I hope that you do remember the camera!