Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And the cold front continues

Day 4 Week 3

Apparently yesterday's winchill was -50 celsius, today it's -40 to-45, well hey we're warming up. An expected -13 on Thursday, people will be in shorts - I'm not kidding it's amazing what you think its appropriate when it warms up by 30+ degrees. Today my fantastic winter ninja outfit (the layers described yesterday) was once again worn to work with work clothes in my backpack.

My Dad called me last night to make sure I wasn't frozen and when I told him what my layers were to survive the -50, he said you must have had a half ton of clothes on. I wouldn't say a half ton but when I got home last night and changed out of it I sure felt lighter.

Workout was non existent last night as my evening was dedicated to making a new batch of royal icing and colouring it to make all the flowers I need for Thursday. The stuff I had was weird consistency and I couldn't save it so I just turfed it and started over. (Can one buy stocks in icing sugar?) So tonight when I get home (after supper) I will make the 30 odd flowers I need for the finale cake and oh yeah I need to bake that cake too. I'll make buttercream and frost the damn thing on Wednesday.

My plan was to create while watching Biggest Loser, now Canadian tv says it's still on tonight, however NBC says it's on Thursday. Is there a primary bumping it perhaps?

I will undoubtedly feel compelled to post about it but I'll make sure to put a spoiler alert. That's of course if the guide on my pvr isn't lying to me.

Scale wise I did show a wee gain after my Super High Day but it's dropped today. I've got a 26pt day today. Right now it's planned up to lunch with 8pts for supper.

Have a groovy day and if you're in an area smacked by this freakish cold - Stay Warm :)


Fatinah said...

I looked up the Wendi points for my target amount - I'm going to try it on the next WW week, which for me starts on Thursday.
You should post some pictures of your cake stuff.

Bi0nicw0man said...

I forgot to tell you that we got a PVR! Well, for some reason here in NS they call it a DVR, but whatever. It was only a couple bucks more per month when we set up our uber-TV package for our new uber-TV so we got it. I haven't used it yet though!! DBF is going away for a month so I figure I'll take that time to use it....maybe for the new season of BB!