Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Was that a Weight Watchers diss?

Week 1 Day 4

No exercise to report on just yet but my gym bag is packed and under my desk. I just zipped through my blog roll and felt a burning desire to post this morning.

First of all if Snackiepoo reads my blog, I read your blogs daily but I'm lazy and don't like entering my email address to leave comments...pitiful I know.

I caught the last half of Oprah yesterday and caught a woman who lost 140lbs over 2 years. First Oprah thought she did it in a year and then she asked her how she did it and she said weight watchers. Oprah said "Hmmm" and then she says "Weight Watchers is a good plan" in a laissez faire kind of way. I thought if you're there to promote Bob's plan then screen your guests better. Really shouldn't we all be congratulating these people for achieving amazing success and getting through this battle called weight loss?

As my bus rolled past my gym last night I could see that every treadmill was taken, I really hope that's not the case tonight. Plus I think more people go to the gym on Monday, to make up for their weekend...at least I hope.

When do all the resolution people drop off, I know my WW meeting was packed on Saturday and I seem to remember it starting to drop off in February.

Alas I will be back later to report on my gym workout today. Food is planned to the T including morning and afternoon snacks.

Have a good day!


Diane Mandy said...

Your post reminds me that I need to get back on track and even just start my resolution!

Ann said...

I have complained about resolutioners on my blog, too.
It already seems to be getting a little better. One day I had to stand around waiting for a machine. Nothing was available--well, except for the bikes. And I hate the bikes.