Friday, January 04, 2008

Oy vey, what am I doing?

This is a rough week for some reason. After being home for the whole day and staying OP on the 1st, since I've been back at work it's been rough. I couldn't come up with a lunch plan so I've been buying lunch but I'm not making horrendously bad choices. By the time I get home the plan goes to pot. It just goes to show I need to plan ahead. I think this week's weigh in will be a bit wonky but I'm not letting it get me down. Lesson learned, now focus focus focus.

Going to the liberated cook on Saturday to assemble my 5 half meals (2 servings each). I got a gift certificate for Christmas. At least I'll be able to determine what's in it as I'm assembling it. Depending on the point value that's a viable option for suppers. I think next week for lunches I'll go with 1/2 a can of chunky soup with added veggies that usually comes in around 3 pts depending on the soup. I need to go back to basics. I did toss every Christmas chocolate and cookie that made it's way into my house the other day.

I must must must workout tonight.

It's just a blip not a downfall.

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jodi said...

i went to one of those 'assembly' places before christmas and it was so much fun... i don't think this place offers half-meals though, what a great concept!

i went back to basics this week too and threw out all that was left of my holiday stuff... felt great! :o)