Friday, January 18, 2008

Last Chance Workout


Yesterday was not so good due to a coworker who I shall now consider evil as she brought in Tim Horton donuts at the point of the day where one is truly tempted. Yes, I could have said no, I could have walked away- but I didn't. I will not dwell on this any further. I did say I'd report the good, the bad and the ugly so now it's done.

I'm testing out gym bags and today I have my lululemon bag that I got for my birthday with me. I'm not so crazy about this option. For one thing I think it feels heavier than then the MEC backpack I used on Tuesday. The second thing is my runners, gym clothes, after workout clothes (sweatpants and yoga jacket) and water bottle pretty much leave no room for anything else. I think it may be a better summer option as one isn't carting as much stuff. The day isn't over, we'll see how it handles the locker. The mec backpack was also packed to the hilt with the same items but my lunch back fit into lululemon and had to be carried seperately with the MEC. The MEC has these chords on the front that like to hook onto the locker.

I do find I have a lot of bags and backpacks, so I have another backpack in mind to try next week.

As to weigh in tomorrow, I have no idea what will happen. Next week is TOM and that usually effects the weigh in before. I have no idea what 60min of cardio the day before will do either. I'm focusing on water today and staying on point.

Tomorrow I'll post the things I've learned about my first week of metamorphosis. It's only 7 days into what comes to 186 days so there will be lessons learned.

One I know right now is I need to truly plan my meals. Just making sure I have options is not good enough. I need to do pre prep of things like veggies and actually plan the menu for the week. I find by the time I get home from work or the gym the energy level is not there to make a meal and wind up going with really easy stuff that doesn't necessarily cover good nutrition.

I so need to practice flowers this weekend, last nights cake decorating was not so good. I was having trouble with some petals because my icing was too thin. Oh and by the way it's pretty easy not to be tempted by any of this stuff. Icing sugar and water are not that appealing and the buttercream we use is made with vegetable shortening so it doesn't melt and you can make roses that won't wilt.

Off to guzzle H2O, have a groovy day!

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Fatinah said...

donuts are only 5 pts. 60 minutes of cardio will get rid of that in no time!

I love you lullulemon bag!