Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OMG it's plus temperatures today

Day 4 Week 2

Which means one thing - ice. Yes all that lovely snow will melt slightly and then refreeze. Which also means if you listen really closely you'll hear people go "Oommph" as they slip on the hidden ice patches. I do really like winter I do, I only curse people who don't shovel their sidewalks. :)

My activity plan is being seriously messed up this week. I was planning to do the gym tonight but I'm meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow and I have cake decorating on Thursday which means I need time to make 2 batches of royal icing and turn it into a variety of colours before Thursday. The icing itself doesn't take long, it's the colours that take a long time. So tonight is the night for frosting as I won't have time on Wednesday. Which means the only day I can go to the gym is Friday...bah! So what I'm doing instead is being very careful with food tracking and drinking lots of water. TOM isn't helping either as the desire to jump around is not strong. The only activity that's appealing to me is putting on the MP3 and dancing around my living room which isn't all that bad really.

This weeks challenges have been the weather, time contraints and feeling blechy.

That's just life so I'll deal with it and just focus on what's in my control.

I'm looking forward to week 3 as then I'll have a few solid weeks to get my routine really going.

I am looking forward to Biggest Loser tonight, especially with the cliff hangeresque ending of last week. How could the game be changed forever?

Go Blue!


Fatinah said...

I'm glad to hear it is plus temps outside - I'm just getting ready to go out and I saw the wind blowing - I just assumed it would be cold!!

I'm wondering about the game change also - I wonder what it is?????

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