Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 26 week metamorphosis begins

Week 1 Day 1:
Weigh in was a gain, which I was expecting but as I said to my leader - I'm moving on to a new week with positive I'm not updating my tracker up above just yet to maintain my postivity. I will, just not today.

Holy crap am I out of shape! I just attempted the new Biggest Loser Cardio Max week 1 workout and I lasted 20min. I was wiped, it was lunges and up and down and jumping jacks and bizarre sit up moving around moves. I definitely think that baby needs to be worked up to as I was totally wiped. I'm definitely starting at 0 and building up from there. Another factor could be I attempted this on an empty stomach. I followed this up with 30min of yoga and I can feel how tight I am, especially my it bands and back. Saturdays are a weird food day for me due to my WW meeting being at 8:30am. I typically pick up a coffee on my way to weigh in, then eat when I get home after grocery shopping. So today I got home at 11:30 having not eaten anything yet. Well that needs to change, from now on some sort of breakfast is coming with me to weigh in.

While waiting for the meeting to start I came up with an ambitious workout plan. (Starting on a
Saturday to correspond with WW)

Saturday -Cardio/Strech
Sunday - Cardio/Weights
Monday - Cardio/ Stretch
Tuesday- Cardio/Weights
Wednesday - Cardio/Stretch
Friday - Cardio/Weights

Cardio can be any heart pumping activity like brisk walk, gym equipment or workout dvd
Weights will either at the gym or with the DVD Ripped:Slim and Lean
Stretch will be yoga
I'll track my progress on my kitchen calendar and reward myself with stickers, I'll also report that progress on here to keep me globally accountable. I'm thinking about posting measurements on here but I'll do that tomorrow. I'll take measurements once a month/every 4th week.

Food wise I'm sticking to WW and when I went grocery shopping today I made sure to come home with planned meals. Since today is a longer explanation post, I'll post food tomorrow.

I'm making the commitment to post the good, bad and ugly on here.

Let the ride begin!


Fatinah said...

if you're starting back at 0, then I think 20 minutes of that workout is a great accomplishment!
Your workout schedule sounds awesome - you will see results with that in no time!

Living to Feel Good said...

You have a great plan! I love the BL workout dvds. I want to get the new series soon.