Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This blog has been read 10000 times

That completely blows my mind, that you all drop by here and read my drivel. I thank you for all your support through this on going journey. I'm so happy to have found this blog land, you have all truly been an inspiration to me.

So my quest for the gym continues and the plan is to go to Michael's tomorrow to pay and pick up what is needed for lesson 2 on Thursday. Of course, I foolishly didn't bring gym bag today thinking Michael's would happen tonight. So now I'm running out of days. The only free gym day would be Friday and I'm not crazy about working out the day before weigh in, I find it messes me up somehow. My new plan is to make a determined effort to work out at home with my collection of workout dvds and hit the gym on Saturday to re-introduce myself to a treadmill.

I am finding dinner a challenge and need to come up with some easy prep and make meals. I like to workout right when I get home but by the time I'm done I want supper and I want it now. For gym nights I need an easy, portable, doesn't need refrigeration post gym snack. Any ideas?

Super excited about Biggest Loser tonight, this couples thing is interesting. Commercials show that Jillian and Bob will train the teams together. I would so love to be trained by Jillian and Bob. I think they both have great elements.

Until tomorrow!

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Bi0nicw0man said...

I used to have a 40 minute drive home after my intense kickboxing class. I would be starving! So I started carrying little tetra drink boxes of vanilla or chocolate soy milk and a small banana. Did the trick to tide me over till I got home!

Those are also the nights where I might opt for a frozen WW meal with some raw veggies for my dinner.