Monday, May 01, 2006

Should know better

Despite the original good objectives of last week I was up 1lb at WI. It's my own fault, went out to the pub Fionn McCool's Friday night were I partook in half a plate of Irish Nachos and 1/2 a plate of Sweet Potatoe Fries and a pint of Trad Ale. Broke every cardinal rule of the day before weigh in - salt and alcohol. Drank a litre of water when I got home and stayed up for an extra 3 hours. I think if I hadn't I'd probably be up a lot more.

On Saturday I spent a lovely couple of hours hanging out on the patio of the James Joyce Pub, the weather was gorgeous and so were the appetizers Irish Nachos again and Vietnamese Spring Rolls, the Cheeseburger (only ate 5 fries) and the Guiness

Sunday was spent thinking "Stupid, stupid, stupid". Did better points wise and just did house work.

Realized this morning that I never dropped my points when I went under 175lbs. So I must re-evaluate that. So Today the goal is 22pts, 3L of water and I have a 10k walk planned. I'm not eating any APs to help mitigate the damage of the weekend.

I'm still not sure if I should weigh in mega early on Thursday (7am) or in Vancouver on Friday at noon. I have such a weigh in ritual. I wear exactly the same thing, I don't eat before because I normally weigh in on Saturdays at 8:30am.
Ya see on Friday we're leaving for the airport at 6:30am so we'll definitely be eating breakfast but then one could just drink water have a cut off of like 10am and then WI. I'm such a geek that I try to keep all the variables the same. I'll probably just get up on Thursday, check my bathroom scale and decide then. The other thing I'm considering is I have coupons that can only be used in Alberta and Sask, so if I weigh in in Vancouver I have to fork over extra cash. My friend who's going as well is lifetime so she can weigh in wherever she wants and not have to pay for it. Yeah I know it's only $15 but I also have to pay the airport improvement fee that Vancouver Airport bings you with before you can get on your flight home.

Of course I have the third option of just skipping this week's weigh in and handing over two coupons at my regular meeting. No matter what I'll still sit in on the meeting in Vancouver.

Decisions, decisions. I'm lucky that this is the only crisis I'm facing at the moment.


Michelle said...

I used to work at the James Joyce!!
I love that cozy..ah the memories!!

Send me your address chicka and I will mail you the cookbook.

My email addie is

okay x

Michelle said...

okay hun
I sent it this morning..
enjoy!!! ;)