Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Seems to be a trend

As I read all my favourite blogs this morning and noticed a trend among us...the desire to eat everything in sight yesterday. I went through this as well last night.

Went to the library, bank, Walmart and Safeway yesterday after work. Talked myself out of every fast food place I came across. Major victory for me.

Any food items purchased were healthy options for lunch for the next few days and supper last night. I bought low fat cream of mushroom soup for supper because I've been craving it since smelling a co-workers lunch of chicken and mushroom pot pie. I'm grateful I was only craving the mushroom part and not the pie.

Also bought some light baby bel cheese - I love this 1pt each, sundried tomatoe turkey breast and broccoli slaw. So I get home start making the soup but need to jazz it up a bit so I threw in dehydrated red onion, thai garlic chili sauce and Mrs Dash Southwestern spice. I could have stopped at the Mrs Dash because it was spicy! While that was heating up, I was munching on a baby bell and some turkey, then I went for the low fat cheddar and finally the soup. I was lucky that my food fest consisted of relatively healthy stuff. Then I did the ultimate thing to stop my feeding frenzy...I figured out the timer on my camera and took a front and back picture of myself in my undies. I should print it up and stick it on the fridge. I can't even imagine what my reaction would have been had I done that 30lbs ago.

I find Jessi's before and after pictures to be incredibly inspirational so I thought I should do this for myself.

On another note: I am so pleased with myself that I finally figured how to put things in my sidebar...this was a major challenge pour moi.

I orginally planned for 26pts today (based on the fact it's my last training night before the big race and there will be APs) . I haven't fully adopted the Wendi plan for my current range simply because I totally missed the fact that I moved into a new points range. So with everything I've planned I have 9pts for dinner. That's alot for dinner for me but I think I'm going to aim for closer to 6pts.

I tried eating a bit more protein today to offset the ravenous behaviour and so far so good. I had to remind myself to have a pm snack at 3pm instead of having a grumbling stomach at 2pm.

See ya tomorrow


Michelle said...

that's what I'm going to do today...
instead of my regular brekkie, i am going high protein and see if I can shift the mid afternoon carb attacks...good luck x

Jessi said...

Hey WW,
Thanks for the link! I am very flattered. :) I too have the occasional desire to eat everything in sight - particularly when I was losing weight and eating less. I had a couple pairs of jeans I would always try on... binding waistbands seemed to set me straight! Now that I'm in maintenance and the jeans actually fit, I use them to remind myself what I've lost and that I REALLY don't want to gain it back.
Good luck with everything!

alea said...

Thanks for leaving that nice comment in my blog and believing in me! It really helps to get such encouraging comments and I appreciate your words.

I'll be reading your older posts as soon I've got a bit more time. And I'm looking forward to reading more about you! :)