Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 2/10 - Relay Tonight!

I found this on
Princess of Nothing and thought I'd try it too.

I AM: a long distance athlete, at least it seems that way with all this marathon training stuff
I WANT: to learn how to knit
I WISH: we could always see the best in each other
I HATE: people who stop dead in front of escalators or who stand in front of the back door of the bus and look surprised when people want to get off.
I MISS: all my friends who now live all over the country
I FEAR: bugs
I WONDER: if I'll ever get married and have kids
I REGRET: not taking the time to smell the flowers
I AM NOT: as outgoing as everyone thinks I am
I DANCE: all the time in my living room
I SING: all the time in my house or my office :)
I CRY: at every single animal movie...Damn you Eight Below.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as nice as I should be
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: birthday cakes
I WRITE: on my blog, it's my diary
I CONFUSE: boredom with hunger
I NEED: to learn to love myself unconditionally
I SHOULD: be drinking more water and workout more
I START: many things and ideas, but never finish
I FINISH: whatever needs to be finished

So I finished OP yesterday and even talked myself out of going to Walmart to pick up snacks for the Relay tonight. They technically feed us supper, midnight snack and breakfast. Last year I didn't find much of it appetizing, I'll probably avoid breakfast because I have WI directly after the relay.

I brought a couple of fruit bars, a cadbury thin and few cookies that are made with whole wheat flour and nuts. I'll have my water bottle with me so I should be good to go. I also brought with me anything I piece of clothing I have that is water proof or repellant. It will be raining the whole time. I lugged my lawn chair on the bus just in case the rain lets up.

Toast - 1
Nutella - 2
Blueberry Juice - 4
Vietnamese ? - unknown. Get's here in 30minutes so I'll calculate then



The Glitterati said...

How'd it go? Hope that you managed to stay somewhat dry, and that it was warmer than last year! :)

Michelle said...

that list is good
how's it going??? Haven't been around for a bit.