Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 10/10 part 1 - Is it bad to hope for rain?

Last night it did look like showers were pending, there was even very impressive gusts of wind but no real rain fell which is good I guess. My lawn seriously needs more water and I'd rather have mother nature do it for free.

I had planned to go for a walk when I got home yesterday. I walked in the door but on my walking gear and then had an internal dialogue about if I should do it....Luckily the part that wanted to walk won out.

It was the perfect temperature, a bit windy but not too bad. I did an old route that I used to do all the time. I never really knew the distance because pedometers aren't exactly reliable. So yesterday I used my Garmin, it took forever to get a signal thanks to the thunderous looking clouds.

My good old route turns out to be 6k, I was very pleased and I kept a decent pace for walking on my own. Normally my walking buddy keeps me in check or we keep each other in check. According to the Garmin 410 calories were burned so I count that as 4AP. I think the general rule is 100cal per AP anyway. Plus I stayed OP as well so I was very pleased with my day.

Discovered interesting things about my neighbourhood. One block to the south: a split level house sold for $600000. Three blocks to the north, all the cars parked on a residential street that runs parallel with a major road had their windshields cracked with what appears to be a baseball bat. I just thought that was weird. Plus whoever did the breaking of the windshields should be tarred and feathered and have to pay for all those replacement windshields.

Today is a 22pt day which is always a challenge for me, so far so good on that as well. I would like to finish the first 10 day stretch on a good note.

Toast - 1
Nutella - 2
Milk - 2
Apple - 1
Coffee - 2
Taco Salad - 10
1/2 Ham Steak - 2
Sauerkraut - 0
Jello - 2

So that leaves me 4pts for supper, I thought the taco salad would be less but when I added up all the ingredients in it...a bit more than I expected. Oh well, 4pts is doable. dinner so to speak :)

My activity will be a lot of running around, I have to stop off at two places after work and that involves a fair bit of walking. I'm going to do strength training when I get home. Did the running around to MEC where I bought a thermarest and thermarest pillow, plus various sacks in which to cart it around. Didn't buy a tent, however rain is still forecasted for Friday and Saturday so unless my illustrious Relay for Life team leaders come up with plan...I might still get one.

I ordered the Namaste Yoga dvds for the other day. I don't when it's actually on tv but the snipets I've seen are well done. The moves are explained really well and the scenery is all these different locations in Victoria...I think.

Tomorrow I will recap my first 10 days and see how I did.

To Success

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