Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Apparently I'm a model

New hair went over very well in the office today. I'll attempt to post a pic, at the moment my digital camera and my computer don't like to talk.

It's very Aveda, our fantastic receptionist told me I was a model. I had to laugh...hmm yeah only about 7 inches too short and not a size 2. The cut only cost me $25 which made me happy, I bought product (of course).
Never fails really, the stylist will use something that I think I must own. At least this time I already owned one thing she used.

Had a super crazy day, it felt like trying to juggle plates (not that I've ever done that before but seemed like a good analogy).

My walking buddy is sick, but I'll use this opportunity to clean my house. I have a mountain of dishes to do. I should take this opportunity instead of leaving it to a time of massive rushing around.

Apart from that not much to talk about today.

Today was a 22pt day which I blew at lunch, not with bad things even I just misjudged points. I'll go over today but the vacuuming should earn an AP or so.

Todays Plan:
Toast - 1
Nutella - 2 - I'm very good with this and measure it very carefully :)
Milk - 2
Coffee- 2
Banana - 1
Chili - 6
Whole Wheat Bun - 2
Butter - 2
Subtotal: 18/22

O.k so not too bad 4pts for dinner, might make that 6 just because I can :)

To Success

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