Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 9/10 - Showers?

Hello All,
Apparently showers are in the forecast for this week. I'm really hoping not on Friday to Saturday. I'm taking part in the Relay for Life for the Canadian Cancer Society and I don't own a tent so it will be a slight disaster if it's raining, oh well I could go buy a tent or maybe MEC rents them...must investigate.

Showers would be good because it's been so dry here, my plan is to head out tonight for a walk, do a monster load of dishes and a load of laundry...in that order.

Not too much else to report really.

Perhaps tomorrow will be more interesting

The plan:
Toast - 1
Nutella - 2
Milk - 2
Small Banana - 1
Coffee - 2
Yogurt - 2
Gala Apple - 1
ESBM Mexican Lasagna - 6
Side Salad - 0
Calorie Wise Italian Dressing - 0
7pts for Supper...not sure about that, might have asperagus and a ham steak (3), then maybe some jello or light pudding as dessert (2).

Water: 1/3L

Workout:60min Walk

To Success!

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