Friday, April 28, 2006


So once again I find myself on a Friday counting the hours until the weekend after another week of not being incredibly gung ho. I think it's the arrival of spring and that Vancouver is now one week away that gets me so distracted.

I've made an appointment with a sports nutritionist for the first week of June. I want to properly prepare for the Honolulu Marathon.

So I went for the drink last night with the 1st boy from speed dating. It was alright, we talked for just under 2 hours. I thought for sure we'd be done in like 30 minutes. Not sure if it will go any further, it took until the last hour or so where we discovered our mutual love of british comedies and animaniacs...not so sure there's anything else we have in common. He's cute and all but I just don't know...ya know? I think I confused the heck out of him in our parting comments.
Me:"Well it was great talking to you and if you want to do this again let me know, and if not good luck with the rest of your dates" (Ya see I know he's contacted my friend and they will probably also meet for a drink in the near future)
Him:"Ah you too"
Maybe I'll send him an email later on today.

Fell victim to pastries this morning but I didn't have a morning snack.

So my office is supporting this thing where you can order dessert trays from this catering company and all the proceeds go to make a wish foundation. Fantastic charity but lousy desserts. I had the little piece of carrot cake, one bite of half buttertart (I make them so much better and they just weren't worth the points), broke off a tiny piece of oatmeal cookie to discover it didn't taste like anything. Which is probably a good thing or else I would have eaten way too many treats.

Have a good walk planned for tonight, then a patio for a beer and then grocery shopping. So I can't possible have more than one beer or that will result in foolish purchases at the grocery store :)

Have a great day everybody!


herefishy said...

I think that this is nearish to where you are
I'm not 100% sure where the sandman is, but the meeting at Christ Church cathedral is on friday at noon-1pm and it's on georgia & burrard. Otherwise, you can look at the other places. I go to meetings on thursdays, so I'm not much help :)

herefishy said...

oh, and if that didn't go through, email me at

herefishy said...

okay. last one... I promise... this is the weather in vancouver. No snow. I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt while working in the garden!

Michelle said...

I love british comedies too..being married to a brit and all...

Good luck with 'the boy' from your speed-dating. Keep us posted..;)