Friday, May 19, 2006

5/10 - Devil on the shoulder won

The good: Drank all my water and got some decent AP
The bad: See picture. My favourite pub in the whole wide world (well Calgary and that's shared equally with The Joyce -both locations). I haven't had one bad or iffy experience at Fionn McCools. The service is good, the food is fantastic, the location is stellar. This pub is located very close to the pathway system and my local Running Room.

So my day was going well, I stuck to everything I had planned for the day. My walk with my friend was a go. Ha, I thought today will be good!

First I change into my walking clothes and discover my lovely Mec Rapid Dry shirt is completely see - through. Not that I was wearing anything scandalous underneath, just a rather ugly sports bra - which is why I wasn't happy. I also needed go pick up some lycopene (super antioxidant) and had tried 4 stores and couldn't find any this week. My friend was running late so I went off to find new shirt and vitamins.

Found new shirt easily enough at Sears, then went to Shoppers to get the supplement. They don't have it and I've purchased it there before. Thinking quickly I head to GNC (They must have it). I race in look at the clerk and say "Lycopene?". Their reply "What does it do?". I'm thinking - Hello! You're a freakin every supplement under the sun store. I say "It's an antioxidant". Clerk proceeds to search the store. I look up and see a little sign that says Lycopene. It's in the Men's health section, which I don't get -it's good for everyone not just men (They market it for prostate health) . Whatever, I go to buy it and clerk proceeds to try to convince me to buy a gold card (which will give me a discount on their ridiculously priced product). I decide to check their prices on Greens products, more expensive. I told him to forget it. Drives me crazy when a store offers to sell you a discount card and sells their stuff at a higher price than their competitors. I declined the offer.

I quickly changed shirts and raced back to Eau claire to meet my friend. She had adventures with public transit and wasn't there yet. We meet up go for about a 5k walk, it was very warm but not horribly bad. She brought supper with her, I didn't. So at the end of the walk I told her I didn't feel like subway. She suggests Fionn's because their sandwiches might be good option. We head to Fionn's, get a table on the pation. Ordered a grilled chicken sandwith and fries (Can I say I wasn't feeling like lettuce?) and a Grasshoper. It was lovely. Table next to us orders dessert more specifically the lava cake (My friend's favourite). So we order dessert.

Obviously we both were feeling defiant because she brought supper and wound up eating pub food.

Twice this week I've had cheesecake. I rarely eat cheesecake, not sure why I'm obsessed with it lately. The good thing about this turn of events is that it will make me doubly focused today. Weigh in is tomorrow, I don't think I sabotaged myself as long as I don't do anything stupid today.

Part of my long weekend will be to make an activity plan and plunk it in a calendar. I've been very all over the place with my plan and need to make it more concrete. I'd like to be at goal by August, which means I have to get my butt in gear!

The plan:
Toast -1
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
Egg Salad Sandwich - 7
Popcorn - 3
Subway - 6
Fruit cup - 1
Total: 24/23


Exercise:Another walk planned for tonight, thundershowers are also forecasted so if that happens I'll do something else.

To Success!


Sonya said...

I can't believe how warm it is in Calgary! It's still a bit gusty here in Toronto.

First of all - you'd be a martyr to resist pub food. An absolute martyr, so I don't blame you.

Secondly, thanks for the "scale is a just a number" comment on my blog. It did help me get the courage to climb back on today.

The Glitterati said...

Lycopene! Everyone loves lycopene! How could Clerk not know??

Ah well. I must be an odd duck, because I don't really like cheese cake - it's too heavy for me. But I tried a vegan version from Fresh (chain of juice bar/veg food in Toronto) that was made from tofu. It was surprisingly, stupidly good. And this coming from a carnivore! If you're ever in town, we'll have to go try some!