Monday, May 15, 2006

UP .2 and starting the 100 days over

Weigh in wasn't quite so disappointing as I thought it would be. I was up .2 which technically means a loss because this was the week of water retention thanks to TOM and I usually gain up to 2lbs at this time. I'm quite happy with those results. Couldn't stay for the meeting because my Dad was in town and we had gardening centres and grocery shopping on the to do list. Walmart had the best price and decent selection for gardening. Went to superstore for the grocery shopping and I have never seen so many holes on the shelves. It looked like they weren't stocked...just another indication of the short labout market in Calgary.

My weekend fell apart OP wise but that's o.k that was then and this is now. Went for Mother's day brunch with my friend and her Mom. It was really nice, my mom passed away 4 years ago so it's not an occasion that I've celebrated for awhile

I lost count of how many days I actually did the 100 day challenge last time. Huge Kudos to Michelle for sticking with it and being a total inspiration.

I know I need to start over with a clean slate and break down the 100 days into smaller goals. I'm going to tackle 10 days at a time. So 10 sets of 10. Here's to August 22nd. I want to be at goal by then...added incentive WW Alberta and Sask raised their prices.

So here's my plan.

The Fuel:
Use the Wendy Plan for the 22pts target range. (I find shaking up the points works for me)
Sat:37, Sun:22, Mon:26, Tue:24, Wed:22, Thu:27, Fri:23

Minimum 2L of water per day

No eating 2hrs before bedtime

The Workouts

  • Cardio: 3-4 days per week (Walking fast or exercise dvd) 45-60min each workout
  • Strength/Pilates Training: 2 days per week each -doesn't have to happen on the same day (Core Secrets DVD or G-Force Book by Gunnar Peterson and Winsor Pilates)
  • Stretch: 1 Yoga workout per week (I've never really embraced yoga but I have quite a few dvds so I have to like one of them...right?)

Posting the good, the bad and the ugly from my points tracker. Nothing like being accountable to the world wide internet.

Today's Goals: Day 1/10 part 1
So far 14/26pts
Toast and Chocolate PB -3
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
Grapes - 1
ESBM Quiche - 3
Strawberries - 1
Yogurt - 2
Home made chef salad-7
Strawberries and light ice cream - 5


Well my plan didn't go so well but I still stuck to my total points for the day. The lesson learned yesterday don't eat supper at 8pm when you had lunch at noon. I had a meeting after work that went longer then I expected which resulted in the late dinner and no exercise apart from walking home from the bus stop.
Planned workout: Nada

I still consider it a success because I stayed OP. Oh well baby steps...

To Success!

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a good plan
I know you can do this. And only being up .2 at TOM is awesome...I gain about 5lbs with it. Ugh!

Sorry to hear about your mom
hope you had a good day all the same xxx