Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dangerous Musings

My day was a bit crazy today and didn't get an opportunity to take lunch until after 1pm. Normally I'm a no later than noon type of gal. I work in the downtown core and the thing is after 1pm most lunch places have sold out of most of their decent remotely healthy food and just have leftover stuff. I decided to go to McDonald's in search of the oriental chicken salad. When I get there there's a massive line. I get in the line and start to read the menu. I rehearse my order in my coke and the salad...over and over again. I get to the order take person and I hear myself say...McChicken Meal please....what the?

Well I ate it and enjoyed it and know I won't be doing it again for a very long time.

I found it interesting that a lot of my favourite bloggers wrote about being in the right headspace today. Apparently my headspace was not quite aligned.

However, my friend and I did go for a 6k walk last night and then I took a different bus home that resulted in another 20min walk to get home so decent activity.

Tonight there will be no mega activity but I will have to be on my feet. My company is having a client appreciation night, now the trick will be to be diligent when the food comes out. I'm really hoping that today will just be a shock my metabolism day.

Got a great reminder from Lme (Check out the link to Fat-Ish on the right). There's a great book called Smart Girls Do Dumbells (See picture above). There's loads of workouts and it all involves free weights. I own this book. I should seriously dust that off and use it as part of "THE PLAN". My goal is to reveal "THE PLAN" on Monday or maybe sometime this weekend.

I should go drink more water....Later

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Anne said...

lol. I know what you mean, more than once I have fully intented to order a salad and something like nachos comes out of my mouth. Darn verbal diarhea. ;)