Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm back!

First a clarification, I did not run the half marathon I'm a walker ( I walk fast) so I walked most of it, jogged on the downhills a bit just to embrace gravity. I'm hurting today. It rained through the whole race so I don't think I've ever been that soaked. Final time 3:08:03, however I did beat runners and passed them on the up hill. My Net time was 3:03:08 not sure what the difference is since this was my first event. My sports bra chafed me, didn't discover that until in the shower...can I just say....OW!

I loved Vancouver, I will definitely be going back next year to beat my time. Not too much to report about the whole thing apart from Westjet lost my bag on the way home however it's been found and they'll be bringing it to me today. Not sure how that happened it's not like Vancouver to Calgary is excessively far nor complicated to fly to. Spent loads of money at Starbucks since they are EVERYWHERE! Had lunch at the Vancouver Art Gallery - I highly recommend it. Missed out on Sangria at Havana's which is supposed to be to die for. Had the best nachos at the Beatty St. Pub. The best beer at the Yaletown Brewing Co. Amazing cheesecake at Fet's . I pretty much ate and walked.

I think there airporter system is stupid. We get on a yellow airport that then drops you off to wait for a second airporter to take us to the airport. In Calgary you get on the airporter and it takes you to the airport and we're technically bigger land wise. Their transit system rocks though. I didn't have time to really explore so next time I'll go for longer.

Didn't track at all over the weekend (helps that I didn't pack my tracker) but when I got home and got on the scale it didn't show much damage. We walked everywhere on top of the half marathon. Took the aquabus to Granville Island and then walked back. I kept running in to people from Alberta. Joked about buying a rundown house and putting up tents since that would be easiest way to own a house there. Saw the tiniest apartment/condo I've ever seen 330 sq. feet. It was cute and a great excuse to buy things from Ikea. In a place like Vancouver, why stay indoors. I would be outside all the time.

Today I'm walking a bit like I'm 90. It's getting better I just look really silly getting up after sitting for awhile.

Big thanks to Michelle for the WW cookbook, it was in my mailbox on my return...it's awesome!

Thanks so much to all for their good luck wishes, that's so nice of you.

Back to normal blog information tomorrow

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Michelle said...

oh you sound like you had an amazing time..

glad you got the cookbook, was wondering if it made it there. ;)