Thursday, May 04, 2006

Off to Vancouver

I'm so excited I leave for my half marathon bright and early tomorow. Race is on Sunday and I'll be back to the blog on Tuesday.

My goal for the half maraton is under 3hrs.

I don't think I'll be weighing in this week. I have to miss my normal meeting and I'm in Vancouver for such a short time anyway I don't want to be sitting in a WW meeting. However this is not license to go crazy with the eating. I will still stay OP while away and faithfully report to my meeting next Saturday. The only really stupid part is the weather is supposed to be nicer here in Alberta. Ah doesn't matter a little rain never hurt anybody :)

I'm loving the sense of team on the blogs today, this is such a supportive outlet. We will all succeed at our goals I have complete faith.

So Skinny Vibes to all and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Anne said...

Best of luck! Have a great run!

Krista said...

Good luck on your run! I hope our beautiful weather holds for you!!

Michelle said...

go get 'em
I'm sure you'll do awesome!!!

alea said...

Wow, you're ready to run a half marathon? That is AWESOME! Good luck for the run and have fun in beautiful Vancouver!

Michelle said...

how did you do
how did you do???