Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 5/10 - Down .2

Well Hello Everyone,
The Relay went really well despite all the rain and mud. It was sort of like a rain gear fashion show and a tent exposition. There were people who were prepared for monsoons and people who don't realize that all tents are not waterproof.

My team raised just over $2000 dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society so I'm incredibly proud of us.

Friday's relay plus co -workers birthday plus another co-workers moving day resulted in some whacked out points. Can't help but wonder if I would have a better loss than .2. Oh well it's done.

Saturday was also a bit high (normally I plan it that way). I had thought about lowering the points to compensate for Friday. My friend was in town and we went to Cheesecake Cafe for dinner. I haven't been there in quite a few years but I fondly remember the Cheesequake cake. I ordered a piece and the funny thing wasn't nearly as good as I remembered. I don't think that's the restaurant's fault. I think it's more my taste pallet has changed. I realize now that I would have preferred a zesty salad or something with more weird is that.

Did get out for a good walk yesterday, so my activity was decent this weekend.

Saw X-Men 3 on Saturday, lots of action and special effects but almost too many characters. It almost seemed like a vehicle to show off the special talents of all the mutants.
I still liked it and they left room for a fourth movie.

Today: Points Target 26
Peanut Butter/chocolate -2
2 Cookies-2
Apple - 1
Homemade Taco Salad:
3oz Taco beef - 3
1oz Light Cheese - 1
2 cups Spring Greens - 0
2 Roma tomatoes - 0
2 Green onions - 0
2tbsp Salsa - 0
1tbsp light sour cream - 0
Fruit cup - 1
2 pieces Squirrelly Bread - 3
2 pieces light Kraft cheese - 2
Light Ice Cream - 4
Total: 24/26

2 APs and 1.5L Water

To Success!

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Sargini said...

Hey thanks for the taco salad recipe'. I am 5'-11" and 250 lbs. I am so damn fat. I want to be a warrior to. By the way happy birthday!!!