Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cake Football

My goal of 22pts didn't exactly happen last night. My friend and I went for our power walk and we were both dying of hunger as we did so ( I need to come up with a better afternoon snack). So we went for vietnamese and I had the noodle bowl with veggies. Only ate half of it. Not super bad in actuality. Went home had my fat free pudding so I was still OP if I included my APs which wasn't my original intention.

Today our HR lady comes to me to tell me that a fantastic lady who's been helping us out is having her birthday today. She asked me and my colleague if either us could grab a cake. I had the clearest schedule so I said I'll go. Got half a block outside and was hit with mega winds to the extent that you couldn't take a step forward. Thinking on my feet I went back into a building and took the Plus 15 (sequence of walkways that attach to buildings) to the main mall. Went to the Bay to their bakery. It's the Bay's birthday today so they were handing out cupcakes and popcorn. I resisted on the first pass but then had to spend 15 minutes looking at cakes and cookies as I waited for them to find a box. So on the trip back to the second floor I grabbed a cupcake, however took one tiny bite realized this isn't worth it and tossed it. Then I competed in cake football as I tried to carry this box without tipping it through throngs of people entering the Plus 15 level on their way to lunch. Cake and I arrived back in my office in one piece. I had to have earned a few APs on that mission.

I then went to eat my lunch and realized I've completely lost interest in my chickpea salad. I then head over to the local convenience store. They were out of my favourite sandwich and hot dogs. So I was denied. Grabbed a piece of banana bread instead. Maybe not the best choice but better than any they had to offer.

Have to hit the library and go to the bank tonight. Was originally supposed to meet the boy from Eharmony for drinks but realized this would have to be fast because I have a bizillion things to do before this weekend. He gratiously let me off the hook under the condition that I let him buy me dinner next Tuesday...well of course I said yes.

So today I vow to stick to my 22pts including the birthday cake. It might be oatmeal for supper.

Go forth and drink water


herefishy said...

I think you did pretty well throwing that cupcake in the garbage! Good work!

Michelle said...

Yes..I agree
good job..
Good thing we get to start fresh everyday heh.