Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feelin yucky

I was out for the count from Monday afternoon and all Tuesday with some 48hr stomach flu or food poisoning. I'm leaning towards food poisoning because the symptoms matched. At any rate not too fun. I believe the culprit was eggs benedict at brunch on Sunday. It that's the case that would be the second time I've had food poisoning from the same hotel chain.

At any rate feeling better and at work today, though I'm still leery of solid food. Have eaten melba toast, alphagetti and toast since noon on Tuesday and everything seems to be o.k. Went to starbucks this morning, took one sip and thought maybe a bit too soon. I'm thinking Jugo Juice for lunch. Out of curiousity I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 4lbs, knowing full well that as soon as my eating returns to normal that will be back.

Crazy woman in our building foyer tried to tell me that the bus route I normally take was cancelled. She says she heard from a driver but they're not telling anybody. I was like..What!. First problem with that story is that they would give you notice if they were cancelling a route. The only reason the cancel routes is if no one is on them (we were packed the morning). Quick call to transit confirmed that this woman was on glue and I actually made the transit person laugh. There's my good deed for the day.

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Miss New Booty said...

Ugh, sorry about the stomach thing and I hope you get to feeling completely well soon.

For me, the only good thing about being sick in December is I finally knew that my scale could actually read in the 170s. Even if it only did so for a short period of time. Oh well.