Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Baby Steps

Unscheduled interruption: One of my colleagues just told me she'd like to nominate me for What Not to Wear, I'm like WHAT!. She goes on to say that I must have a small wardrobe. Is this because perhaps she's seen me wearing this sweater before. I was gobsmacked.
My reply - I intend to lose another 30lbs, right now more things come out of my closet that are too big and I'm certainly not going to replace an entire wardrobe every 10lbs. I buy things as I need them. People, I'm wearing a sweater and dress pants perhaps not up to her Ralph Lauren ensemble but come on. Despite my delightful personality I do battle body image issues (who doesn't?) but I certainly didn't expect this from someone who didn't like how they looked in the photographs taken at Christmas.

I'm now insulted, I would love someone to give me $5000 bucks for new clothes but when I'm at goal because I will get there.

Rant over - the originally scheduled blog entry is below.
I shall now drink my frustrations away with water.

Alright so last night didn't exactly go as planned. As I mentioned there was a Starbucks whoops and then the rest of the day went perfectly to plan until I got home.

I stopped off at the mall to pick up a pack of cake mix. I have to bake yet another birthday cake for work and I'm trying something out of the Cake Mix Doctor. At any rate by the time I got home it was now 6pm ish and I was hungry. Being in a grocery store while hungry is never good. Hence I had McCain's fries for supper it's 3pts for 22 fries, I didn't count I just tossed on a pan so I'm counting it has 5, it could be less but better I go higher than lower.

Then I made the cake, the batter smelled just like home made I was impressed. Baked it according to directions after 30min took it out and did the touch test. Looked o.k, but when I went to take it out of the pan I discovered the middle wasn't done. Of course I had to try the edges to see if it actually tasted did.

So tonight I do it again and this time I'll be very sure to use the toothpick test in the middle of the cake.

Alas today is a new day and one can always start back at step one.

Food Today:
2 Slices WW Toast - 3
Light Margarine - 2
Cinnamon with a little sugar - 1
Coffee - 2

Chunky Soup with added veggies - 3
Yogurt - 2

2Pt Bar Lemon Dream - 2
Apple - 1

Not sure what to have for supper but 8pts gives me a fair bit of wiggle room.
The challenge tonight will be to not over taste the strawberry buttercream icing.

The good news about my cake disaster of yesterday is that resulted in a very fast walk to Safeway and back bright and early this morning :)


Anne said...

mmm now I'm craving fries..might have to buy some tonight, I would have thought they higher pts than that

Jill said...

I agree with Anne... I would have thought they would be a lot of points, but I guess I was reading my flex plan get started guide and they recommended buying frozen starches, so there much be low fat potatoes out there. Too bad they aren't those tater things. Those are good :)
I'm having veggie stir fry for dinner with some tofu for protein

The Glitterati said...

Hey, hope you had a happy happy NYE! Pretty low-key for me this year, which was nice!

But, ummm... hello, has your co-worker actually SEEN that show? You are in no way shape or form a candidate for WNTW. She's getting on your case for *not* wearing things that are too big and unflattering? Right. Doesn't she know that we WERE the fashion police back in good ol' Eaton Centre?

Oooh, all this talk of fries reminds me... Roommate tried these sweet potato fries (from Costco, I think) with rave reviews. I don't think there's much difference from regular fries calorie-wise, but more vitamins = good times, right? (Besides, they're just really yummy, esp with a dash of chili spice) I also just bought some frozen Edammame beans, I wonder if they'll turn out as good as they are in restaurants? Will report back!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

The good ole fashion police days...takes me back. Yes she's delusional.
You must report back about the Edammame...I love those!