Monday, January 15, 2007

All seems to be good

I say seems just to hedge my bets.

Dad is feeling better, after I convinced him to take the penicillin that his doctor had given him and to follow the instructions. He'll still get a phone call everyday until I'm certain he's back to normal.

My home computer is more fabulous than I originaly thought. I have a sound card, it was my speakers that were toast. Well that and the sound card wasn't "turned on", the only thing I need to do now is download a power point viewer and I have everything I need for the online courses. I even discovered that I can dictate to Word, it's a bit hit and miss but entertained me for a bit. I'm also on the hunt for a reasonable priced headphone/microphone.

I was down 1.6 at WI which just goes to prove that working out helps. The weekend was a points disaster but that's the past. I know this will be a tough week because it's snack attack week so I'm arming myself with healthy snacks.

Found the WW cakes on the weekend, I had been looking in the freezer sections a la Smart Ones but no they're in the bakery section. 1pt each, and they're very small but that of course is why they're 1pt each. So far I tried the carrot one and it's not bad. The icing is a little tough but I think I'll try putting in the microwave for a few seconds. I also bought the chocolate one, now I just need to find the lemon one. Also found Kozy Shack Rice pudding made with Splenda and some new flax seed apparently incredibly good for you english muffins.

Also went to Costco and picked up a huge container of Spring salad mix, mandarin fruit bowls, fresh blackberries, baby bell cheese and hummous.

My goal for the rest of this week is to stick to 23pts per day. I should technically be doing 22pts because I nudged into the 160s. I'm still closer to 170 then 160 so I'm sticking to 23pts.

I'm going back to the food accountability on here as well.

The Food:
Oat bran - 1,
Brown Sugar - 2
2 cups Coffee -4
Salad with spring mix, tomatoes, gr onions, Chick peas, a bit of shredded cheese and light Italian Dressing - 6
Yogurt - 1
Apple - 1
Sub Total: 17/23

6pts left for dinner and I'm thinking of a Gardennay soup and some FF Chocolate pudding which would still leave 2pts but since this weekend was pretty bad (I did write it all down in my journal) I might stop there. The workout plan for tonight is Step Aerobics . I picked up the new Kathy Smith Matrix strength workout dvd and I'll try that on Tuesday.

Here's to a good week!


duenneschen said...

way to go staying on course!!!

Anne said...

Congrats on your loss and good luck with this week. I know you can do it.