Thursday, February 01, 2007

A wee bit closer to spring

Happy February everybody!
I woke up to snow and news reports that people were driving big surprise when there's snow and a minus verstunken wind chill. I did neglect to shovel my sidewalk this morning so there's a few aps waiting for me tonight. Plus the tredged on stuff is way harder to shovel.
Food wise- tracking has been non-existent but eating hasn't been out of control just due to my recent experience. Water has been better since I just don't like anything else I have access to at the moment. I haven't been regaining the weight as rapidly as I thought. I am eating enough so let's hope all that stays for Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, I'm supposed to go Banff with some colleagues but people seem to be backing out. Sure the highway thing gets spooky in winter conditions but it looks like people will be there between 2pm and 6pm and later. Sort of difficult to plan a get together. We shall see what happens.

New Ugly Betty that show.



Sonya said...

oooh - Banff. I've never been! You're so lucky that you live out west - you're just a drive away from so many beautiful places. Do you go to BC often?

Good job on the water!

And I always feel relieved when February rolls around too...once we're into March, it finally feels like we're on the verge of spring.:-)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I don't go to B.C very often, if I do typically Vancouver that's still a 10hr drive or I prefer quick flight.
Banff is just an hour outside of Calgary but more often than not we Calgarians don't take advantage of that.

Sonya said...

Gosh, my Canadian geography sucks. I'm embarassed - I didn't realize that Vancouver was a 10-hour drive from Calgary!

I've only been to Vancouver once...and it was just lovely.

I hope you had a good weekend!