Monday, January 29, 2007

Down 2.2

WI on Saturday resulted in a 2.2 loss, I actually wavered between 171 and 171.2 and bless the heart of the weigh in lady she put me down as 171. The battle begins once again to reach the 160s and stay there. I know I'm my own worst enemy and the only person sabotaging me...well is me.

The weekend was a bit of a free for all food wise. Went out for Ethiopian on Saturday and it was my first time. I got the house vegetarian platter for one and really enjoyed all the dishes but discovered I didn't care for the bread. Of course you use the bread to pick up the dishes - no forks and knives. I'd guess that most of it was pretty healthy but it's hard when you don't know the preparation.

On Sunday I got taken out for brunch by my friend at the Palliser. Nice spread I must say and I did overindulge. The good part about that is I was way too full and realized once again why that's a bad thing. Listened to my body for the rest of the day and didn't eat again until 7pm and had an Smart (Dempster) English muffin and some light margarine. For the rest of the night I was craving sweets or snacks but I ignored the cravings. This weekend did use up every last flex point plus 3 so the challenge will be to stay on points for the rest of the week, drink water and work out. I really want to see a loss on Saturday.

Workout wise I think I'll attempt that learn the moves dvd for Turbo Jam.

On a completely nothing to do with weight loss front, I bought a scrapbooking kit at Costco. I was looking for a creative hobby that might distract me from snacking. A colleague scrapbooks but she's obsessed and I just want to take baby steps.

Have a great day eveyrone!


Purl_Princess said...

You didn't like the bread? Oh you make me sad! I love that stuff :)

Congrats on the loss!

duenneschen said...

yeah for the loss!!!!

seriously why do we have to be our own worse enemy?! i feel you on that front!

jodi said...

congrats on your loss this week and kudos to the weigh-in lady! what a great way to start your weekend... :o)

great idea about the scrapbooking kit - i need a hobby myself but may try knitting... :o)