Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mysteriously down

First let me say -I am a daily weigher and I'm perfectly o.k with that. My day is not ruined if I see a gain. I find it helps me stay in that's out of the way.

I've been down half a pound two days in a row. Weird, considering I forgot my journal at work again and the tracking has been iffy. It's all written down but is getting written after the fact. I'll take it the loss though, I haven't been eating incredibly unhealthy things. My dinner last night was whole wheat crackers and whipped cream cheese, not gobs of it I just didn't feel like cooking. I have had to run for buses and walk lights so perhaps these jolts of uber activity have stirred up my metabolism. I'm also nearing the end of the dreaded TOM so that will have a great impact.

Water is getting better, not where I want it to be but baby steps.

H&M is coming to Calgary. I'm excited, never been in one, but excited anyway. I think they're going to put in an area called Deerfoot Meadows. Not a convenient area by any sense of the imagination if you take public transit so I might have to covet from a far.

I'm very happy that TV is getting better with some new episodes again. Wasn't incredibly impressed with Gilmore Girls. I think it's having a slow death.

I'm strangely intrigued by Dancelife on MTV. Where dancers audition for different artists like J-LO (in the first episode and I think she produces it). What I found funny (not knowing anything about professional dancing whatsoever) is that the auditions were happening in what looked like a roller skating rink or community gym. Of course this is probably some well known established place where people try out for back up dancer positions.

Just got my textbook for the course I signed up for yesterday. Go University Bookstore, I ordered it yesterday afternoon and had it in my hands by noon the next day. It helps I got it delivered by city courier. It was one dollar more than the cheapest mail option.

Alright bit of a random post today but that just happens.

Have a great day everybody!

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duenneschen said...

ooohhhh...i never tried youtube...should look into that.

gilmore girls is totally getting lame. they shoudl end it before its all long and drawn out!

yeah for the loss!!!