Monday, January 22, 2007

New Plan

I'm putting a new plan into practice today. I've written down my planned food in my tracker and I'm writing what time I have each thing. So I've got breakfast, lunch and snacks written down and now I'm going to track when I'm hungry. I think part of my weakness for snacking is not eating the right combination of food. Not having the right fuel leads me to have blah energy levels or so hungry that I miss my workout window. Yesterday I made a homemade egg english muffing and I wasn't hungry for a really long time. Today I had oatbran with brown sugar and Milk at 5:50ish this morning, now at 10:30am I'm starting to get a little hungry so I'll have a snack (yogurt) and see how it goes.

I've got a very strange lunch/snack combo because I simply couldn't think of what to bring.
My snack collection consists of yogurt, apple, cherries, turkey bite, baby bell
The main part of my lunch is two mini raisin bagels with light cream cheese. I don't think the turkey bite will go with the bagels so maybe I'll have that as my snack now.

The experiment begins! I'll try the new Biggest Loser DVD tonight too, the first one was all Bob (who I adore) but I'm interested to see how Kim's style suits me. I seriously need to brush up on the turbo jam. I did the instructional dvd a long time ago and should now refresh.

Had a great night of tv last night, I was glued to Space . Watched Smallville for the first time in ages (Yeah Justice League), the season opener of Stargate:Atlantis, the new Dresden Files (Darker Harry Potter meets X-files) and my all time fave Battlestar Gallactica, then I got hooked into Grease:You're the one and The Apprentice. Yes, I was glued to the couch last night.

Heroes is back tonight as is Prison Break and Gilmour Girls tomorrow. My VCR is programmed because I'm not letting any of that interfere with my workout plan.

Here's to a great week!


duenneschen said...

Yes, I'm very geeked for the Gilmore Girls!!!!!!

I was wondering if you ever got a chance to see if you had TBL taped? I would love to see it and obviously would pay for the shipping and handling...lemme know if you do have it!

Sonya said...

Planning is half the battle, so good for you!

Also, what in the world were you doing up at 5:50 in the morning? I mean, I'm up at that hour now, but I have a pretty good excuse...:-)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Technically I'm up by 5:30, I don't like to be rushed in the morning so I give myself 90min to get sorted.

I taped over TBL pretty much the day after it aired by accident. I have 2 vhs tapes in rotation and I thought I had put the one without TBL in. Have you tried youtube?

Next weeks Gilmore Girls looks interesting. When Christopher asks LL if she's still in love with Luke...can't wait.