Thursday, January 18, 2007

I hate snack week

This week just keeps getting worse plan wise. It's amazing how much PMS can impact your eating and energy patterns. Thankfully I haven't snapped at anyone. Food is far more dangerous than my mood. I've been zonked everyday after work so workouts have been non existent. I must seriously consider getting up really early and doing it then.

The good thing is it's only a week. I'm going out to dinner tonight and I'll be at the restaurant first so I think I'll order some Edamame and water, and snack on that until they get there. By the time they get there hopefully all I'll want is soup. We're going to Earl's which is probably one of the mose point unfriendly restaurants. Today I was sidelined by oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but now I'm on water and I'll find a healthy lunch somewhere.

Last night I had to swing by Walmart to pick up a furnace filter. I was wondering why my furnace sounded funny and then it hit me...when was the last time I changed the filter. Well, I bought one that's 4 inches too short because I couldn't remember what size I needed, but that will do until Friday and the furnace is purring along now. I just might have to dust a bit more. Also made meatloaf yesterday because I had to do something with the ground beef in my fridge.

I really need to menu plan better, I too often buy something and then have to toss it because I didn't have a plan as to what to use it in. That's my goal this coming week, come up with a plan and put it on the fridge and try to organize so I can prep stuff the day before so when I walk in the door...shazam I can make dinner. That's another reason the workouts haven't happened this week. I get home hum and haw over what to make for dinner and it gets later. I need quick cooking ideas so I can get home workout and then make dinner. I think I just gave myself some homework.

Have a great day everybody!


LME said...

I struggle with meal planning all the time and like you, usually end up with food that I have to throw out, because I didn't end up cooking what I was going to when i thought I was going to. I've got a head of lettuce rotting in the crisper right now that I bought on Monday thinking I'd make a big salad, but then ended up going out on Tuesday and getting home too late last night after having to stay at work and then being to tired to even do anything other than pour a bowl of cereal. Tonight I'm going to yoga class, so won't be cooking again.

I wish I could be one of those people who planned ahead and cooked their meals for the week on Sunday and stacked everything in the freezer ready to go, packaged in individual portions.

But I'm not.

And so the lettuce rots.

The Glitterati said...

Ugh, I feel your guys' pain. I too am guilty of this way too often, and it's really not a good thing to do on a student budget.

I did a crazy mad-dash cooking thing this morning... am camping out in my office for the next 2-3 days to finish this bloody thesis, so had to bring food as to avoid crappy university food. I made rice, panfried some pork chops w/ onions & bok choy (enough for 2 meals), grabbed a grapefruit, some bagged salad, sliced some cheese, boiled 3 eggs, packed some cereal, pudding/jello packs and wheat thins, and bagged some raw mushrooms. Half of the stuff was just so it wouldn't rot in my fridge! It didn't take too long to make though. Of course my roommate thinks I'm nuts.

But yeah, I bought tonnes of ground beef on sale and now it's just sitting in my freezer, so I need to be creative with using that up. Almost wish I had a crock pot so I could come home to sloppy joes or chili or something.