Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to 2007!

First of all can I say how motivated I am by all this positivity on the weight loss focused blogs. I love it!
I'm so with you all, I did make progress over 2006 but my head was not completely in the games so as I said the other day that all changes.

Of course I didn't exactly go cold turkey but between watching Super Size Me, You are what you eat and You're Body Clock on t.v yesterday certainly offered some serious encouragement.

Lesson I re-learned this morning, never guess the points. Met a coworker at the front door of our office this morning and she asked if I wanted to go to Starbucks, I went and chose a Grande Skim Milk White Chocolate Mocha (guessing the points to be around 5), got back to the office and looked it up on their website...ah 7pts. The good thing is I can definitely plan my day around that.
Next time - A Grande Skim Milk Latte with Sugar Free Hazelnut - 3pts.
I forgot my tracker today but I think I should also write this stuff down as a handy reminder.
It's way to easy (especially if you've been doing WW for a while) to guess or estimate points. I'm going back to measuring things like cereal as that serving size can get bigger without you even realizing.

I'm also back to being accountable to the blog (very handy for days I forget my journal) so here's today's food run down anything in green means it's completed.

Oatmeal - 2
Honey - 1
Milk - 2

A.M Snack: Grande Skim Milk White Chocolate Mocha - 7
Point used so far: 12/23

1/2 can Chunky Soup with added veggies - 3
Yogurt - 1
Points used so far: 16/23

P.M Snack:
Mint Chocolate Chip 2pt bar - 2

Points used so far: 18/23

McCains Oven Fries - 5

Ketchup and FF Miracle Whip - 1
Handful of chocolate cake disaster - 5
Points: 29/23

I'm just so proud of all my blog friends, you will all be successfull I just know it.

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Living to Feel Good said...

You will be successful too!! Mmmm those White Chocolate Mochas are good though aren't they?

Happy New Year!!