Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cold Weather = Snacking

An artic freeze has descended on my fair city in the last 24 hours bringing us vicious wind chills of -36 celsius.

This type of weather always makes me crave bad food, I'm not sure why but today has been tough. I factored in that I was buying lunch today so left a huge window of points but it didn't stop there. There's been swedish berries, pop corn and halloween candy. I haven't journalled any of it yet because I'm in denial but I will and it looks like 2pt soup for supper and one serious cardio workout.

I tried to do the Biggest Loser cardio workout last night but that lunge sequence kills me and that's about as far as I got so still about 20min of high pumping cardio but I definitely need to switch it up. It's either going to be the old stand by of step aerobics or tae bo tonight. I'm leaning towards step aerobics because I haven't done it in awhile and it's sort of a comfort thing. I think the plan for me is to still alternate cardio and strength but change up the workouts. It's like I knew what was coming with the Biggest Loser workout and my mind started to rebel. If I leave that particular workout for a week then I won't be so predisposed against it.

So a slight bump in my plan but no derailment - I'll take that as victory

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