Friday, January 05, 2007

Planning time

Alright planning time!
I did have a veggie heavy supper yesterday with some steamed green beans with a wee bit of szechwan sauce and a Dr. Knorr soup (potatoe veggie something 2pts for the whole box). I think I'll be stocking up on those low point soups, I just find the WW 0pt soup a cavernous mass that for one person gets boring after a while. My veggie superstar supper was followed by chocolate pudding and a some snacking. I think that was more due to boredom and the frustrations of my living space being a bit messy. I can get a wee overwhelmed with chaos and then think about it while snacking. Well this morning I straightened up so tonight I can start on some chores and therefore not have my weekend consumed by them.

I caught the tail end of an episode of Dave Lieberman - Good Deals on Food Network, first of all he's so cute and may be added to my list of future fictional husbands, second of all he was making this low point appearing Moroccan chickpea stew. I must see if nutritional info is available. The theme of this episode was cheap, healthy work day meals so you can freeze and reheat which was my plan for this weekend providing I clean out my mini deep freeze.

My other plan is to create a workout plan today so I can post it on my fridge. I've been very negligent in this area lately. I quit the gym since it was boring me to tears and shall now embrace my dvd library. I might reconsider a gym in the future but instead of joining one on the fly I'll research better next time.

I've already completed a few assignments for my prereq course and I've got this great feeling of accomplishment going on. Hopefully that will keep up when the core courses start.

After going through my daily reads today, I really do think 2007 is the year of positivity. I've tried in this before but I'm going to try again and post a positive thought about myself as well as my food plan.

Here it goes: I'm cute.

Food plan today:
B:Squirrelly Bread Toast - 1, Nutella- 2, Milk-2 =5
S:Coffee - 2, Yogurt -1, Apple-1, 2pt Bar-2 =6 (These are for throughout the day)
L:Egg Salad Sandwich - 6 =6
Sup: Perogies - 3, Turkey Bite-2, Green Beans-0, Light Sour Cream-1 =6

This also includes copious amounts of water and the challenge of no snacks after supper.
The mantra will be WI tomorrow and that should keep me on track.

We can do this!

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