Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weight loss ad bombardment

Well so far so good, I've actually worked out 2 days in a row and have earned myself two stickers on the workout calendar on my fridge. I've decided to try the 6 week plan on the first Biggest Loser DVD, I might get bored by then but I'll keep up the alternating of strength and cardio.
On Sunday night I did the cardio workout and found that hard, I was a bit disappointed in myself because a few weeks ago I could get through it without any problem. Then I talked to my training partner and she so brilliantly reminded me that we've not yet recovered from the marathon. I tell ya that baby knocked the wind out of both of us. We both have to rebuild our endurance levels so now on top of giving myself a sticker for each workout, I also write how I felt about the workout so I can see how long it takes to improve.
Monday night I did the strength workout and I'm pretty proud of myself. I got home after work and I was ravenous so I made supper first and then got watching this show on TLC about a mother and father of 13, they have 3 sets of twins. I didn't get around to the workout until about 8pm. The important part of this is I did it and didn't talk myself out of it.

Tonight it's cardio again but what I'll do this time is have a protein snack (turkey bite or baby bell cheese) when I get home so that I do the workout right when I get home then make dinner.

Points wise I've been doing well, not perfect but as Alea said it's all about writing down the good, the bad and the ugly. Today I really need to focus on water, that's been a hurdle lately.

In regards to the title of today's entry, the major thing I've just shaken my head at is the bombardment of weight loss ads due to all those New Year's resolutions. No wonder we all get so confused and frustrated when all these ads promise quick fixes and miracle elixirs. They feature models that have never had a weight issue showing how you to can get the super duper abs by only forking over some moolah. All I can say is - Oy Vey.

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duenneschen said...

thats all we can do, our best in situations that are just sometimes out of our control.

the past 2 days haven't exactly been how i'd lke them to have been but i did the best i could...

keep up the great work!