Sunday, January 07, 2007


New features on the tickertracker weightloss option, now you can also put your BMI on there, and it asked for a password so that if you want to change things you don't have to start over...neato. The goal of 140 is fueled by hitting the mark so I can get lifetime at WW. I might aim for a wee lower because that would put me just on cusp of health bmi, but who knows I have no idea what my ideal weight should be since I've been chubby practically my whole life. Time will tell.

I was up 1.2 at my meeting which doesn't faze me. I'm not sure if it's due to the week before or the sodium content of cold medication. It's a new week and that's that.

The thing I found interesting this meeting was the topic of Winning Outcomes, the question "Why do you want this?" was on the board and that really made me think. I looked at my weigh in book and it seems the same 4lbs keep going back and forth. Mind you the marathon thing had an impact and so did the Holidays but it really made me think of why do I want this because if I really want this I can make it happen.

I want this because I want to live a healthy life, if I'm meant to have kids I want to have the habits in place to raise them healthy.

I want to not be invisible, I don't want to feel frumpy that doesn't mean I want to dress like I'm 13. I just want to have more options.

I will hit my goal in 2007 and more importantly make good habits a solid part of my life.

I've put the workout goal for the month of January on my fridge and it begins today with some Biggest Loser DVD cardio.

Must now go fold laundry, here's to a great week!


Alea said...

Yep, here's to a good week! We have a goal and we will achieve it!

duenneschen said...

Today starts a new week for me, and I know we'll both show a loss this week!!!

and no, at least not in Michigan, we don't have doeners. i'm seriously thinking of moving over to guys also have Kinder Schokolade!!!!!

Living to Feel Good said...

I had a gain too which I know is left over from Christmas and New Years. I'm okay with it too because I know I had a good time. It was worth the delay for me. But I've had a good 2 weeks (this is starting week 2), so I know I should be back to losing soon. You will too, and this is the year. I know people say this every year, but I just really feel in my gut that 2007 is going to be a good one. :)

The Glitterati said...

Great idea to keep the "why" in mind! Also, I think your BMI counter might be a bit wonky... you'd literally have to be a midget (little-person? I am *so* un-PC sometimes...) to get that rating. Is there a typo somewhere?

Cowgirl Warrior said...

BMI is correct, I'm 5'4 so definitely on the little side, height wise at any rate. A BMI of 25 puts one at the high end of the healthy weight that they should be according to their height. 140 would put me at 24 so not at the cusp as I originally said.

The Glitterati said...

Maybe it's glitching and tracking your pre-loss weight? At your current, you'd have to be 4'10" to have that BMI... I think you're closer to 29 right now. (see this calculator for example) But you're right that 140 puts you solidly in the "normal" range, and dropping 5 points seems a lot less daunting than dropping 11! :)