Thursday, January 04, 2007

It begins!

So I finally got information on the online course I'm taking. I did sign up on Dec. 28th and course started yesterday. I thought it might be a little late because of my late signing up. I honestly think I took the last spot. The course is "learning online" which is a prerequisite for all the other courses I'll be taking.

I'm going after a certificate in Human Resources Management. I work in HR and would like to get my CHRP designation which makes me a supreme ruler in HR (not really but I like the sound of that). I already have a double degree so I like the idea of just taking the courses I need to get me on my way. I'm pretty excited about doing courses again, not so much the tests but feeding my brain.

The take two of the cake turned out really well, it took an extra 11 minutes to bake on top of what the instructions said. The icing turned out wicked sweet, which is good then I won't eat it. Overall I think the dark chocolate of the cake will offset the icing, at least I hope so.

Stayed OP yesterday too, so I'm mighty pleased with myself.

The scale hasn't been too friendly but it always amazes me who much of a change you can see even in a few days.

Food Today:
B: Squirrely Bread Toast - 1, Nutella - 2, Milk - 2 =5
S: Coffee x 2 = 4
L:Egg Salad Sandwich - 6, Half a pack of pizza pretzels -2=8
Thus Far: 17/23

I'll need to do something veggie heavy for supper since those have been lacking today, I also need to abandon the coffee and get some water.

I'm so excited that there's a new Ugly Betty tonight!

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Dee said...

I read your blog alot (and enjoy it!) but I'm usually just a lurker. Today I HAD to post because I too am taking Human Resource Management and I'm just beginning too. Well, I've finished the first course....of many! Good Luck!