Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Globes and Ice cream

Food was again a bit of a disaster yesterday, not as bad as the weekend which I'll consider a victory. I was doing pretty good with Gardennay soup and hummous but then I started watching the Golden Globes and of course when watching incredibly skinny women in incredibly expensive dresses I must have ice cream. That wasn't so much the case but the low fat Breyer's did call my name. I got some and then only ate half so not so bad but still not OP.

The rest of the afternoon was rough as snack attack wielded it's ugly head. Today I'm armed with only healthy and portion controlled snacks so hopefully I can fend off temptation.

Didn't workout yesterday either as I had a wicked headache thanks to the chinook, more of a headache, neck and shoulder ache. While the majority of North America is facing Winter's wrath, we have nice weather. We had the wrath last week. I have to say the weather is just weird especially in the States. I feel so bad for these people because most of them don't know what to do with crazy winter weather as it just doesn't happen where they live. Ice storms are especially awful.

Only watched the first half of the Globes. I loved Hugh Laurie's speech thought it was pretty funny. I have to say this is one of my favourite award shows just because people seem to be having a good time and they're drinking. The Oscars always seem like they're waiting to get to the party.

I was super happy that America Ferrar (sp?) won for Ugly Betty, she rocks on that show.

It's take two of the online course tonight as it now appears my home computer has all that I need, so fingers are crossed that it works. Then all it cost me was $18 for speakers as opposed to a heck of a lot more for a new computer.

Off to drink lots of water and not think about snacks

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The Glitterati said...

OMG Hugh Laurie! The man is awesome. I wanted him to win just so I could hear him speak. (Plus House is fantastic, of course)