Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 3

Every other time I've attempted the Couch to 5K plan I usually give up around week 2. I don't think I've ever done week 3 before. Well I did today.

I went to the gym as it was easier to time it on the treadmill as today was 90 sec run/ 90 sec walk and 3 min run/3min walk do it twice. Yes I went to the gym for 19 min of a workout well with cool down 25 min. It was good I picked a bad treadmill as all I look at was a wall that had a sign. I should have gone two over so at least I could look into the big workout room.

The 3 min parts were a little rough but I did it..twice. I'm kind of proud of myself. Now I get to do it again on Wednesday.

Not much else going on today, just in the process of laundry then it will be get work bag sorted as I once again I fly out Monday morning and my alarm will be going off at 4am.

I hope of all you had a great Sunday.



debkhershberger said...

Great job!!! I know what you mean about C25K!!! Some weeks I did an extra day, because I didnt feel I was ready to move forward!! You go girl!!

Regan said...

Great job! Keep it up and soon enough you will love running and the feeling of accomplishment gained from it!

Enz said...

yay you!!! I am so thrilled you're doing this!