Thursday, September 08, 2011

Float no starts now

I'm a bit of a fan of Big Brother and while I've missed a few seasons I've been following the current one. I realized today I've become the worst possible thing in the game. I'm a floater.

On the weight loss front lately anyways. Oh I've been tracking my calories but not getting the deficit I need between calories burned and consumed. Sometimes it hurts to plunk in the calorie info as I did tonight. I blew off last week's weigh in because I didn't want to see a gain. The equivalent of putting my head in the sand.

Tonight after landing I went with my friend K to a near by pub for a beer, nachos and deep fried pickles. Hence the hurt while plunking in the info but it's better to face it, learn from it, get over it and move on.

Yup..these are not the actions of someone who wants to take getting healthy seriously.

When I'm good I'm good, when I go bad it's so so bad and sometimes it feels like digging myself out of a ditch to get it back together. It's been plaguing me for awhile now and enough is enough. I don't like how I feel and I'm determined to finish the half marathon strong. Come hell or high water I will be a hottie for that trip to Vegas for my birthday. Heck I want to be a hottie at the Christmas party.

The floating ends now.

I'm going out tomorrow as well but will behave better as I'll have a plan (novel concept huh?). I'm still going to weigh in tomorrow at noon and I'll embrace whatever number shows up there.

I have a souped up training plan for the half marathon in January.


This is from tomorrow till January 29th all laid out. Technically it started today but I got 6 hours of sleep last night and 3.5 hours the night before so after I type this I'm off to bed. I plan to hit the yoga mat tomorrow morning to compensate for missing it today. I have two copies of  the plan this one for home and one for my camp room at work. I love stickers so one gets plunked on this when it's completed. Simple and straightforward.

Here's September, so it's the C25K plan with a whole lot of yoga, a little Pilates and smidgen of Iron Reps and Zumba. I'm starting the C25K plan at week 2 as I can already do 2 min walking 1 min running. I have to admit as I typed up these calendars I got nervous but I can do it damn it. The yoga is not just for a stretching component but I need to center myself and yoga helps me do that.

The 8 weeks of C25K plan transitions into the 12 weeks of half marathon training seamlessly. There's a few challenges in the way. At the end of September I head to Kingston, Ontario for a week as I'm on a course but note that's in the plan above. The following week I got to Dad's for a week. Plus in December there'll be one week at Dad's as well. Life does happen.

Luckily I have a travel yoga mat and portable dvd player. I'll deal with the running at Dad's depending on weather or maybe I'll buy a treadmill and install it at his house. That would take a whole lot convincing... it's just a thought.

I also got my Chapter's order today

I liked Shrink Yourself so much I bought it in paper so I can write notes, and as I had a gift certificate I decided to research a more primal diet. Not so far from WW as the new plan does highlight protein as does these plans. I wanted a bit more guidance of what to eat. After reading Gary Taubes book "Why we get fat". The science and my own personal experience is starting to gel. I want to earn all my 10%  key chain doohickeys plus I still believe in the program so WW meetings are an absolute necessity not just for the doohickeys but also for the support.

The number I see on that scale tomorrow will not derail me, depress me or stop me. It's just data.

I hope you all had a great Thursday.


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Fatoutofskinny said...

Kudos to you. You've got it all down in black and now you have to do it....right? You can do it. I know you can. Perseverance and determination wins the game!