Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's funny how plans can change.

Yesterday I went downtown to meet my friends and I got to the office and they were all gone. I had emailed earlier in the week that I'd meet them there and they said they should be able to go at 5pm. Well it was 4:45pm when I got there. A quick text message revealed they had left early and where already at the restaurant. I was momentarily annoyed and then started thinking if they've been their awhile the drinking and appies have started.

For the bulk of the day I wasn't looking forward to this get together. I love the people but these nights typically start as a drink after work and then it turns into a pub crawl. The food plan is usually "let's share appetizers" and it's a vicious circle with regret the next day. I did have a plan. I had already scooped out the menu and knew what I'd have. If I was going to have drink it would be one and then only water and I planned to leave early. The thing is I've had this plan before and it never quite pans out as you lose track of time and get lost in the moment. I just wasn't feeling it.

I'm really focusing on my commitment and that means managing my environment.

So as I sat in the lobby of the building I realized I didn't really want to go to this thing last night. So I texted an apology that I wasn't coming and went home. When I got home I had a text from another friend asking if I was up for a movie.

That appealed to me far more. I had dinner at home, we went to the late showing, I had no movie snacks at all.

We saw Crazy Stupid Love and both really enjoyed it. Of course getting home at midnight made me super tired.

This morning I had set the alarm to go to my normal meeting but I was so tired so I opted to go the second meeting. My original plan was to go weigh in, leave and get breakfast and then go to Zumba. Before I left I looked up the meeting topic and saw the theme was back to basics. I walked there I started thinking I should stay for the meeting. That would mean missing Zumba and waiting another half an hour till breakfast. I decided to stay.

Weigh in was up .8, but I'm o.k with that as earlier in the week I was higher and again it's just data today. This gaining a bit each week is ending now.

There was a sub- leader as Tony was elsewhere. She had spunk and she gave us a quiz on the ProPoints Plan , out of 12 questions I got 11 right. The only one I got wrong was about water. My answer was you should have 6 glasses a day, of course the caveat was it doesn't necessarily need to be water - 3 of the 6 should be plain water. There where 4 of us that tied for the top score so there was a tie-breaker. Which is lower in points a Tim Horton's Multigrain Raspberry Muffin or an Apple Fritter. I knew I should have gone with the donut but I was momentarily fooled by the word Multigrain. All muffin is cake. Oh well the prize was a sticker. For the record the muffin was 11 points and the apple fritter was 8 points.

It just goes to show how easy we can fool ourselves whether it's by the name of a product or not measuring things we use all the time and the amount starts to increase over time.

I need to not over complicate things. Just keep it simple like track, stay hydrated and workout. I do completely believe in the WW plan it's worked for me in the past still 31.2lbs down from my original start weight so I just need to have faith.

It's kind of funny I have these things called Angel Cards, I use them to pick an inspirational message to focus on. I haven't looked at them in awhile. The other night I pulled Trust, Faith, Transformation and Love. I don't know why I picked 4 but these words are good anchors.
Trust - myself and the process, weight loss is work and takes time. I'm not going to lose it all overnight.
Faith - I can do this, I know the tools and I can do this
Transformation - It's time to focus on new behaviors and let go of past negative influences
Love - I need to remember I do this for me, to show myself respect and love.

That's all I got for today. I hope you all had a great Saturday.



Fatoutofskinny said...

Congratulations on "managing your environment". Way to go.

Enz said...

Love the idea of the angel cards!