Saturday, September 03, 2011

Definitely fighting something

Slept pretty well last night backed up my bodymedia as I had far less "lying down" spots where I toss and turn. I think I needed it too.

Slept in and woke up around 9:30, weighed myself on my scale and saw the effects of last nights dinner reflected in the number. Not phased about it, it's just food. Wasn't feeling 100% as I definitely feel like I'm coming down with something as this has been going on for days. . It's mini symptoms right now like sneezing, coughing. I decided not to go to my meeting today opting to stay in pjs.

I had a glass of milk so I could take my vitamins. I don't like taking them with water as I can then taste it. I stayed up for a bit and went back to bed around 11am. I woke up again at 2pm.

I stayed in my PJs till 4pm then decided I should go for a walk. I just did 30min around the neighbourhood.

I think the rest helped as I felt better. Still tracked all my points/ calories today.

I'm happy that I do have another 3 days off so I can hopefully head off whatever I'm feeling.

I do intend to grocery shop tomorrow and depending on how I feel go to the gym.

Right now just listening to my body but also putting mind over matter.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.



Chubby McGee said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Kim said...

hope you feel great soon. Pjs until 4pm sounds like a nice relaxing day. You have a bodybugg or something else?