Saturday, September 24, 2011

A 4 day cold?

So Monday afternoon I start to feel a little off, Tuesday I wake up with a sore throat, Wednesday the sneezing starts, Thursday the sniffles and a bit a runny nose, Friday a few more sniffles and today almost nothing.

Maybe the copious amounts of Vitamin C and the focus on rest has worked.

Of course the copious amounts of rest has wreaked havoc on my training plan plus I haven't exactly been paying attention to food.

Thursday when we landed K and I headed to the Regal Beagle and shared a platter that had nothing but things that appeared to be deep fried. When I don't feel well my healthy habits go out the window and I go with what I feel like having rather than what I should be having.

Thursday night I tossed and turned and at about 1:30am I took some Buckley's Night Cold/Flu caplets and then slept till 9:30. Then it was off to the mall as I have no clue what to pack for this week course I'm going on.

At site I wear jeans, t-shirt and hoody, when I work in Calgary it's business casual i.e. dress pants, cardigan.

I have no casual non work clothes. I walked through multiple clothing stores and came home with a red cardigan. I despise clothes shopping. I'm hoping I like it better when I'm at goal. The strange part is back in the day when I worked in a clothing store it was a totally different story. I think as I became more conscious of my size I lost interest. Of course that doesn't pertain to shoes or for some reason workout clothes. So I'm packing business casual with a little super casual.

Friday night I had dinner with M at James Joyce and I had a beautiful steak salad, by leaving on Sunday and then only being home for one day and then gone another week there is no point in getting groceries.

I honestly thought I'd see a gain at weigh in today but there was no point in avoiding it. It's better to face the demons. I didn't set my alarm last night because I knew I'd still wake up in time for the 2nd meeting but I wanted to continue with getting rest to really make sure this cold goes away.

I stayed exactly the same at weigh in, that's 3 weeks in a row. Today probably a blessing but I am packing workout clothes, especially as I don't know what the food situation will be at this training. My plan is to hit the hotel gym in the morning.

I think I'll leave the BodyMedia at home for the week and just use WW points while I'm in Kingston.

I do need to take the computer to my Dad's house the week after as I have to log into a work webinar while I'm there. The more I think about the less I want to lug it on the plane especially going through airport security. Heck I'll have a blackberry and an Iphone with me.

After weigh in I popped into Walmart for some last minute trip stuff. I had to pick up a few exercise bottoms as I didn't bring home the ones I have at camp. They had some cute workout clothes and tanks and shirts for under $20 bucks.

Now I need finish laundry, pack, colour my hair, do a self mani - pedi so it will probably be pizza for dinner for simplicity sake. Panago has a new lite veggie that I might try.

The course is intense with many long days but I might try to blog with the Iphone a few times.

I do hope all of you enjoyed your Saturday and if I don't have time to check in a great upcoming week.


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Fatoutofskinny said...

Glad you got over the cold thing quickly. Good luck with your course......and staying on track!