Sunday, September 11, 2011

Positive Self Talk well maybe more tough love

Yesterday I failed to mention that while I missed Zumba I did go to Iron Reps. Every 3 months or so they change it up. It's still one body part per song i.e back, triceps, biceps, lunges, squats but the songs will change and the exercises will change. Quite often they won't necessarily start with the whole new routine but sub it in overtime. On Saturday we did the whole new class as the Saturday instructor Robyn is a bit of an Iron Reps queen. I don't if it was because I liked the songs better but I enjoyed this one more. It was tough though.

Today was run 1 of Week 2 of C25K. I decided to go to the gym and do it on the treadmill as it was a wee bit too warm for me this morning. I started a little experiment last week and did my run portions slower. Normally on the treadmill I was doing about 5.6. I often found that I was getting tired early so lately I've dropped it to 5.2 and find that much better so I kept with that today.

At one point I thought I don't know if I can actually get to the 30min as I look at the clock every 30 seconds during the run portions. I shook it off and told myself to have faith and just focused on the lyrics of the song I was listening to. I also told myself it will take work to get to goal so I shouldn't expect it to be easy and if those people on Biggest Loser can run so can I. All in all it went well. I'm also being very conscious about stretching afterwards. I don't always do that...I know not good.

Due to my super long day or typical Monday of being up by just before 4am I have yoga on the training plan. Due to my late meeting on Tuesday I have Pilates and then Wednesday will be the next run day.

I went to the gym the moment they opened today as I had to bake pies. We're having a pie auction at work tomorrow and I was on the hook for two pies. I made Caramel Apple and Chocolate Peanut Butter. I cheated a bit with the Caramel Apple and used Pillsbury dough. It leaked a little and the crust is a little cracked but it looks homemade and I have no doubt will taste great. At first I thought there was way too much filling for the pie but put it all in there. Then I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter one. I found the same thing that some components seem to be way too much. Maybe it's because I was using aluminum pie plates and not glass or ceramic. Oh well there now in Rubbermaid containers in the fridge which I'll take with me on the plane tomorrow. I'm hoping they don't get banged up too badly in overhead.

I did have my day perfectly planned out but when I'm at home I find evenings to be tough. I got snacky and of course TOM is pending any day now so that's probably why. I tracked it all and used WP. So far this weekend I've used 22 WP and earned 15 AP.

I'm setting a little goal to not use any WP on Mon to Wed. I won't use any on Friday as it's the day before weigh in. Thursday is the day I fly home and also a super long day so I'll leave it as option.

My Sunday routine is mostly done as my clothes are laid out for tomorrow, my lunch is sorted for tomorrow, my work bag is packed and I've blown dry my hair so it's a quick straighten in the morning.

Now I wind down and hopefully sleep better then last week.

Take care of yourselves,


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Enz said...

I wish I could be as organized as you!