Friday, September 16, 2011

Still here, just busy

Hello my friends,

Didn't meant to disappear for a few days but time just flew.

On Tuesday I didn't do yoga according to my training schedule instead I played badminton. I haven't played in a few weeks so I met up with my Sensei (co-worker who convinced me to play and sort of coaches me). We played one game and he smoked me but I do see improvement in my skill. I got a few birdies past him.

Wednesday I was a wee bit stressed. That's actually been going on for a week as I'm dealing with an issue at work. It was supposed to be run night but when I got back to camp I was tired and feeling crampy so I went for dinner and when I got to my room I laid down on my bed and stayed there. I watched the season premiere of Survivor and the season finale of Big Brother (So happy Rachel won). Also polished off the remaining peanut butter I had in my room.

Then I regained sanity and threw out the rice cakes I have in my room to go with the peanut butter as well. I don't really need to keep snacks in my room as I eat dinner before hand. I'll keep the snack size healthy popcorn.

Thursday was fly home day and I had another co-worker with me who lives in Fort McMurray so we went for dinner at the Keg. The only thing I like at the Keg is the filet mignon. I did leave food on the plate as I didn't quite finish the filet and had a quarter of the garlic mashed potatoes.

Food wise this week has not been angelic however tracking has been stellar so I'll get this right.

Today I had to pop into the Calgary office to deal with this issue a bit and I wanted to be in earlier then later. I was there by 11 and left by 12:45. I then headed down to Eau Claire Running Room as I needed Body Glide. Due to the abundance of food I had over the last few days today I was really listening to my body. When I woke up I wasn't hungry so I didn't have breakfast. By the time I got to Eau Claire I was hungry so I stopped in at Good Earth who in the past had the most incredible Mac n' Cheese. I ordered a small version and got a microwaved heated mac n cheese that reminded me of a frozen meal.

Boo Good Earth, that was the most pathetic thing I've seen.

I then went in search of Body Glide, well first I picked up this. The picture doesn't do it justice as it's kind of a bright pink. Now I'm not really a pink kind of girl. I like the colour but I don't own a lot of it. I own another fuel belt that's black with 4 smaller bottles and in my past racing experience I always felt like I was wearing an inner tube. There was a purple one but it had neon green on the back and that didn't appeal to me at all. So pink it is.

I had been looking at this for awhile as this one is one size fit all so I figure  a good idea if I'm shrinking, it's really light and the bottles are a little bigger so that's good too. I also picked pink sort of for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I don't usually plan outfits for races other then what's suitable for the conditions but I'm going girly girl for this one.

The other advantage to this colour is it will aid in visibility when I'm out and about because I have to really start running outside and not just on treadmills so it will be useful outside of just being girly girl.

My original mission was the Body Glide so I get to that section and discover they now make a "Women's" version. I didn't see any difference from the original and the Women's expect for the pink lid and the $2 more expensive. An employee came around then and noticed me staring at the packages and confirmed my suspicions. Yup, no difference. So I grabbed two smaller packs of the original so I can have one travel version.

I then went to the Core a.k.a downtown mall and came up empty. I had wanted a paperback German/English dictionary as the only one I have is hardcover. So if I'm going to take it to camp with me I'd like something lighter. Nope I'll have to get that online probably.

At that point I hit two more stores looking for something and came up empty so I went home. Now I'm zonked.
Today is also a run day but the whole having to go into work threw me off. So my plan now is after weigh in to go to the gym earlier then normal get my run in, and then do iron reps. I'll do a longer run to make up for Wednesday. Not ideal I know and I can't get in the habit of messing with my plan.

So now you're up to date and we shall see what happens at weigh in tomorrow.

Hope you had a great week,


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