Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello Ontario

Slept badly last night as I wasn't tired. I went to bed at 10pm and then woke up every hour. Apparently I just do this with any early flight.

At the Calgary airport I had a breakfast wrap from Jugo Juice. I did really want a breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons but once past security in concourse A Tim's only has muffins, bagels and lunch sandwiches. So jolted for Jugo as it was a whole wheat wrap with a better source of protein.

When I landed in Toronto I had 30min to make it to the Kingston gate. The flight to Kingston had pretzels. This what I don't get. On the 3.5 hour flight from Calgary you have to buy food on the plane. Yet the 39min flight to Kingston you get pretzels.

Air Canada managed to break a foot on the bottom of my suitcase so this bag will officially be retired after I get home.

The cab driver pointed out 2 prisons on the way to the hotel, including a federal one where "the super bad stay" - his words.

Kingston is super pretty though and totally reminds me of Halifax.

Had the opening session of the course and have already met some neat people. Afterwards 5 of us went in search of dinner.

First went to Chez Piggy, a landmark apparently. First the tried to squeeze 5 of us on to a tiny table. Then we moved to an inside table and had the strangest server. She took one person's drink order then wandered off. So we went somewhere else. We went to Olivea which was awesome. I had the carbonara, maybe nor the best choice but I was a longtime between meals.

Got back to the hotel and found the gym. Two treadmills and a bike- not great but oh well.

Now going to bed but I have workout clothes laid out for tomorrow and alarm is set for 5:30am but if I make up early I'll go earlier. Not sure how busy it will be. Breakfast goes till 8:30 tomorrow so I'm hoping people sleep in.

Hope you all had a great Sunday.


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Enz said...

Did you see me waving as you landed in Toronto? :)