Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Walking Dead

I think I would have made a good zombie today. I slept poorly last night and was wide awake at 3:15am. My alarm is set for 3:45am. By 3:20 I came to the realization that I might as well get up.

Had a breakfast of a WW bagel with peanut butter. In retrospect I should have nuked an egg and some turkey bacon and made a more substantial breakfast.

I brought leftover Knorr cream of veggie soup with added cauliflower for lunch. You know how I was saying I should focus more on protein. Epic fail on that as I was a snacking fool all afternoon. That was probably also influenced by oncoming TOM and tired.

By 4pm I was super knackered. Gym went out the window in favor of dinner then getting in my pjs.

On a more positive note I took a more detailed look into my training plan and have decided to go with the Hal Higgdon half marathon training. It's similar to what I've done with Running Room before. It's a 12 week plan. That leaves me with 9 weeks. After being so inspired by Enz. I'm going to revisit C25K. I have all the plans printed off now I incorporate into a grand scheme.

Let's face it all my grand plans so far have been iffy. I need to get serious and consult wiser sources then me.

I'm so tired I don't want to turn on my computer to sync my bodymedia. Heck I'm posting this with my phone.

High likelihood I'll be going to drinks on Friday with a few friends which now has me planning to weigh in on Friday at the noon meeting. I can't avoid the scale anymore either the music must be faced.

Besides it only gets better from here. Bring it!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday.


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Fatoutofskinny said...

Haven't heard that word...."knackered" for a long time, made me smile and think of home....I'm originally from England.
I sympathize with the way you are feeling, have had more days like them than I care to think about.
I made a list of things I'm really looking forward to as I reach goal and now I keep it handy so I can look at it when times get tough, it has helped me stay on track.
Keep your chin up.