Friday, September 02, 2011

Good friends

Positivity still reigns even though it was an off plan day.

Had a glass of milk for breakfast as I slept in. Then it was off to meet my friend P at Bumpy's.

I must of walked past this place a bizillion times without realizing it was there. Had the best latte I've ever had. Plus an apple streudal muffin. Afterwards we walked over to Jelly Modern Donut as I've never been.

The good part is I walked a lot today. The bad part I didn't get a run in. When I got home there was a thunderstorm. I was so tired I had a nap.

Later it was dinner at Loungeburger with M...yeah just got home.

Now feeling iffy about weigh in tomorrow. There will definitely be a gain just due to dinner. Yes, yes that shouldn't stop me. I think I'll leave it to alarm clock roulette. I've been zonked all week which makes me think I'm fighting something. I've been around a few sick people lately.

I'll still track my data and tomorrow will definitely be a run day.

From now on I'm in training mode.

Hope you had a great Friday.


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