Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 2 no 3 no 2

All day I thought it was Tuesday, probably because yesterday messed me up as I normally catch up on Coronation Street instead of traveling to the other side of the country.

The first full day if the class was cool and further bonding with the other participants. This is a labour relations course and it's fascinating to see how different the public sector is from the private sector. I had to argue a point on behalf of the union (something I've never done before) and I won :)

Explored a wee bit of Kingston at the end of the day. Wound up stimulating the economy by buying another Lululemon Define jacket. This one is black with a subtle print. I realized my scuba hoody is a too warm for here and the return trip.

Went back to the same restaurant as last night and it's actually called Casa. Pasta two nights in a row, not good but the food is fantastic.

Slept terribly again as I woke up at 3am. Then thought well it's 1am at home so fall back asleep already.

Gym was sacrificed for sleep as my cold resurfaced probably due to all the sniffly people on the plane.

Passed another participant on the way back to the hotel and they asked me if I was going out again. I said no I was heading to bed then they said but this is our last night. We have 4 days to go but this was our last free night as the days get pretty long now. What I thought was funny was that I will probably never see the bulk of these people again..unless I take another course which I totally want to do. Hello Boss want to send me to another one? I'll work on that when I get home.

Hope your Monday was fabulous


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