Monday, September 12, 2011

O.K maybe I should start with beginner

According to my Bodymedia I slept for 4 hours and 26 minutes last night and boy am I feeling it. I just need to resign myself that I don't sleep well the night before I fly out.

On the training schedule today was pilates. I brought DVDs with me and these were Mari Windsor. I think it's the newest version as it came with stuff like a body bar. I've used it once so far so not so familiar with that contraption.

I hooked up the HDMI cable to my computer and the TV in my room and popped in the DVD. Well it took awhile to get that going just to get the DVD to play.

I picked the Quick Start for Weight loss to start with (catchy title huh?) Wowsers, first I had to stop it to figure out what the heck they were doing with the bar. Then I had to get up because the DVD stopped. Then I had to move stuff around my room so I didn't whack anything with my arm.

I didn't finish the DVD, I think I got about 20min done but I'm tired. Now sadly I'm watching Bachelor Pad.

Next week I'll bring a more beginner Pilates DVD and work my way up.

The pie auction was a massive success and my pies went for $60 and $65. A Costco pumpkin pie went for $125. It was hysterical people from the same team where trying to outbid each other. All in all we made about $77 per pie or just over $2500 for the United Way.

The one part I didn't factor is that while the pies were out of my house all 33 pies were all over the building literally every kitchen had 2-3 pies.

My dinner pretty much wound up being pie. The homemade blueberry one that was in my kitchen was totally worth it.

So when I went to camp I just grabbed some veggies to snack on, I did get into the peanut butter in my room after the whole pilates disaster. So not the best plan perhaps and maybe I should have just embraced eating some WP points today. It's all tracked and really not a terrible day.

I've left my yoga mat rolled up on the chair in my room as yoga is on tap for tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great Monday.



Fatoutofskinny said...

Wow $77 a pie way to go. Sounds like the pilates!!!

carla said...

heres hoping your TUESDAY rocked!

Mine kinda did but Im hoping today is better :)


Enz said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog about running. Tonight we finished the C25K program and now need to decide what to do next to keep us motivated. Believe me, if I can do can do it. Just be consistent and don't get discouraged.