Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 10 - Nice surprise...not

Hello my friends,

I am typing on my new laptop and can I say it's so much more comfortable then a netbook. The netbook is now the travel/ on the road computer.  The only thing that`s a bit different is the HP keyboard vs my Dell keyboard.

I did not have great sleep last night and tossed/ turned once again. Monday is a ridiculously long day for me and probably my toughest food wise. Getting up at 3:30am and then being up for a multitude of hours is rough.  I usually have a hard time in the afternoon.

Work wise went great today as it was the first day I've been on my own in this job. I caught the 5:45pm bus to camp as I was at the point of staring at the same computer screen for 5min and not retaining anything. I went to my room, called my Dad and then hit the gym.

Tonight it was spin bike - 12 miles in 30min. I was wearing my polar heart rate monitor and 204 calories burned in 30min. I wasn't aiming to go to hard. I wanted challenging but be able to walk when got off. I then headed to supper and had a salad and jello (which had fruit in it today). When I eat a salad I eat around the lettuce. I ate the tomatos, the cucumbers, the beets, the green onion, the smidgen of bacon bits and smidgen of grated cheddar cheese. I probably had half the lettuce.  All in all a good food day. I did dip into weekly points but that`s o.k. I haven`t eaten any activity points in this week`s experiment.

Got back to my camp room and hopped into the shower and then I lifted the lid of the toilet seat. was backed up and gross. By the looks of it this didn't happen recently as it was a wee stinky. Keep in my mind my bed is probably 4 feet from the door. So I put my sweats on and walked back to guest services who then sent me to security to request after hours maintenance. Luckily it was maybe 20min later and there was a knock on the door. A lovely woman with a plunger had arrived. She fixed it pretty quick. I then grabbed my Rocky Mountain room spray and sprayed a good amount in there. Sniffles owes me and happily she`s gone tomorrow and I`ll have the bathroom to myself for two weeks.

Tomorrow my goal is run day 4. I`m psyching myself up in case I need to go into the boys gym. Well it`s co-ed but overrun with boys. They have a few treadmills and the women`s gym has one. So we`ll see what happens. Nothing is getting in my way as the scale and I are getting along so far.

Hope you had a fabulous day!


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